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Richard Peel - 12/2/2015 - Manhattan 34, Leicester


32pages, black & white, 15x20cm approx

Gargon is some kind of mega being from beyond reality. When The Superhero Alliance try to stop him wrecking Hotdog City, he rips a hole through time and pulls Captain Cape into a whole new world of adventure! Will Captain Cape charm the people of the past with his advanced scientific know-how? Will he be popular with the ladies of the past, considering all their crazy rules concerning propriety and courtship? Will there be a rude posh man in the past who takes a dislike to him and seeks to discredit him before the king? If you wish to know, it will be three pounds please!



32 pages, black & white, 15x20cm approx

It looks like things are going well for Captain Cape. He's receiving some romantic attention from 40-30-40, an attractive robo-heroine. Unfortunately, the good times are cut short by an emergency at the Terror Team Mansion. He must rescue his friends, Frankenman, Beasleigh and Vampax from the monster they have created in their own wacky laboratory. Will his blossoming relationship survive an encounter with Zombiac: the evil lord of rotten grossness. If you only read one psychosexual superdrama this week, make it this one.



32 pages, black & white, 15x20cm approx

Captain Cape is a radical cyborg superhero from the future. He operates in Hotdog City with his pals, the Superhero Alliance. In this fantastic first episode, when he falls for the lady superhero, Christina Crossbow, his whole life is turned upside-down. To top it off, he must defeat the archduke of spacecrime, Zembro or else the whole planet will be plunged into a million years of darkness. Will he rise to the challenge before him and restore justice, or will he just whinge and go to bed and let everyone else deal with the chaos?



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